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A recent remote Alaska wilderness adventure in my PR-49 packraft. Had a caribou encounter that I thought would make you smile. FYI, it's not harassment when the wildlife voluntarily crawls into your lap! Enjoy.

PR-49 Chronicles for 2013. This is day 1 of 8 in NW Alaska, July 2013. Weather was dismal at our final destination, so the pilot dropped us off on the Kobuk for a day of Sheefish action to wait out the weather in the upper Noatak. Great way to start an epic packraft adventure!

Day 2-3 on the Noatak for char and river adventure. Three guys and two PR-49 packrafts. Ideal gear for an 8-day excursion in remote Alaska.

This incredible footage was taken during a flightseeing tour by Golden Eagle Outfitters in Alaska.

Excellent Alaska footage - - Mountain Magic - Golden Eagle Outfitters

Hayes Mountain - Alaska Flightseeing.

Float Trip Fishing

North West Arctic Caribou here during the aggregation... estimated around 170,000+ animals in one group

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