Alaska National Park Tours

If you're interested in our Alaska National Park flights or flightseeing with us we have several options for you. We can tailor any flight to meet your needs as well.

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We fly to all the national parks and preserves in the region. Our rates for standard flights to the parks include a short landing for picture taking.

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve
Noatak National Park
Kobuk Valley National Park
Bering Land Bridge
Krusenstern National Monument
Gates and Kobuk
Noatak National Preserve and Krusenstern
All five parks

Most people we take out are interested in flights to the parks with a short landing. However, if you'd like more time on the ground or in the air, that's always an option. Contact us for any additional time for flightseeing outside our usual flight time as listed above.

It's possible to fly to all 5 national parks in one day or any combination in a day. For planning purposes, all five parks is about an 8 hour day. Most people like to visit Gates and the Kobuk in one day. This is about a 4 hour flight with a few minutes on the ground to take pictures in each park. Noatak Park and Preserve and Krusenstern are short flights and are usually done together to equal about 2 hours of flying with short ground time in each park. It is doable to fly to Gates, Kobuk, Noatak Park and Preserve and Krusenstern in one day. And then save Bering Land Bridge for the next day.

We often land on the Sand Dunes in Kobuk Valley National Park, the upper Ambler River, on the Noatak River near Matcharak Lake in Gates of the Arctic, Nakolik Creek, the Agashashok River in the Noatak Park and Preserve, on the beach at Battle Rock or Anigak in Cape Krusenstern National Monument and Cape Espenberg or Serpentine Hot Springs in the Bering Land Bridge.

Please call for rates if you're interested in a tailor made flight. We can tailor your flight to see whatever you're interested in. Muskox, caribou, moose and bears can often be seen.

Our planes hold 5 people or a total weight of 800lbs. This does not include the pilot. If your total weight is over 800lbs we just can't land on some of the strips we use for these flights. There's no wiggle room there.

If you're interested in being dropped off and picked up at a later time/date somewhere, that is an option as well. We can work with you to achieve whatever it is you're thinking about.

Our hangar is just a short walk from the Alaska Airlines or Ravn terminal buildings. Walk straight out of Alaska Airlines to the stop sign. Take a left, walk a few feet. Take another left and walk a few feet. Our hangar, Golden Eagle Outfitters and Arctic Backcountry Flying service, is at the end of the fence on the left. You'll see it at the stop sign. Or you can take a very short cab ride.

Kobuk Cab (907)442-4444
Richards Cab (907) 442-4800

Payment is expected after your flight is finished. We don't require deposits. And we take credit cards, checks and cash.

Unlike airlines with schedules, we are a charter service and we don't have set times for our flights. We won't give you a time for your flight until the day of your flight. We ask that you stop by our hangar at 8:30 on the morning of your flight or give us a call at which time we'll let you know when we'll be taking you out. We are very busy in the summer months with many flights each day. We ask for your flexibility so that we can get all our flying done each day. We will work around your airline schedule but otherwise please let us decide when we'll take you out.

If you'd like to spend the night in Kotzebue there are several Airbnb's and we recommend the following to help with that-

Nullaqvik Hotel: (907)442-3331

Bibber's B&B: (907) 442-2693 or (907) 412-1271

Sunny Willow B&B: (907)412-0872

Drake's Camp: (907) 442-2736

Sue's B&B: (907)442-3770

Bayside: (907)442-3600

Lagoon View B&B (907)442-4319

This should get you started. If you have further questions or would like to book flights with us please let me know. Give us a call at (907)442-2315

Give us a call at 1-907-388-5968 to start your adventure today!

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